The boiler is backbone of your home: it warms your place, and it’s also your primary source of hot water.

When it breaks down, it may be a significant problem. That is why getting heating repairs or having a new one installed by a factory-trained professional is crucial.

Compared to a furnace, boiler systems are more efficient at transferring heat into the air of your living space. By placing our boiler experts on your side, you can be sure that you’re making the right decision when it comes to choosing a system or finding someone for a repair.

Boiler Repair and Installation in Frederick MD

Boiler Installation

Our technicians will assist you in determining the correct unit size and model for your requirements. Each of our boiler installers and repair experts has years of expertise servicing both residential and commercial units, so you can be certain that your boiler will be set up properly and function effectively for years to come.

With our experience and industry knowledge, we can help you pick the perfect boiler system that works well with your home’s existing cooling and heating elements such, such as your air conditioner unit, indoor air quality equipment, etc.

When we get a call for a boiler replacement or installation, we not only help you choose the best, most-efficient model for your home, we can take care of the whole installation process for you. From the sizing to the price, we can help you choose the perfect model for your home or business.

Boiler Repairs

Whenever you have issues with your boiler system, it’s never a fun experience, especially during the cold winter months.

Sometimes the issue is a quick, easy fix, but sometimes the issue can provide a long, stressful process. For whatever boiler issue you have, let the experts at Dave’s Cooling and Heating handle the stress for you. We’ve been providing top-notch air conditioning and heating services for years and customer satisfaction is our top concern. We’re not finished working until you’re 100% satisfied with the results.

Signs You Need A Repair

We understand that detecting boiler issues can be a bit difficult for the untrained eye. Therefore if you notice any of the following issues give us a call:

  • Unusual spike on your energy bills
  • Strange noises coming from your system
  • You notice weird smells inside your home
  • Your boiler isn’t starting up

Boiler Maintenance

Don’t wait until you have major problems with your boiler before you call an HVAC expert to repair it. Regular maintenance helps keep your system running efficiently, safely, and reliably. It also helps prevent it from a complete system failure or breakdown which can end up costing you much more money.

Join Dave’s Club today and choose from several maintenance plans to find the right plan for you and your system.

During a routine maintenance call, customers can expect Dave’s technician’s to evaluate your Boiler’s performance in various modes of operation. We then perform a number of tasks according to ACCA guidelines.

A few things inspect for example:

  • Controls inspection
  • Valve inspection
  • Switch inspection
  • Combustion air requirements
  • Piping inspection
  • Expansion tank inspection Boiler Flooding

Repair or Replacement?

There is no simple solution, but if a repair would cost roughly 50% of the cost of a new boiler, it’s probably better to replace it. If the current system has not already received multiple costly repairs, is in good working order and issues can be pinpointed and easily fixed, then keeping your existing system might make sense.

Sometimes the cost of repair can be so high that it makes more sense to do a replacement.

Either way, Dave’s is committed to providing you with the best information and facts to help you make the right decision for you!

We not only help you choose the best, most-efficient model for your home, we can take care of the whole installation process for you.

From the sizing to the price, we can help you choose the perfect model for your home or business based on your current HVAC system and needs.

100 Years of Boiler Repair Experience

Everything begins with our certified technicians speaking to you and performing an evaluation on your current home and situation with you.

Our job is to provide you with the facts so you can make the most informed decision whether you need a repair, installation or replacement.

We have 14 technicians on staff with over 100 years of combined experience!

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