Dave’s Emergency Services

Emergency HVAC Repairs in Frederick

Dave’s Cooling & Heating has been providing emergency HVAC service for more than 13 years in several Maryland counties including Carroll County, Frederick County, Howard County, Montgomery County and Washington County. We understand that there is no convenient time for your heating and cooling system to break down. That’s why we are always available for emergency HVAC repair.

Emergency Heating System Repair

Maryland winters can be bitter cold and are even more bitter when your furnace, boiler or heat pump are not working as they should.

Call Us For Emergency HVAC Repair If Your System:
  • Is blowing out cold or cool air from your vents or not radiating heat as they should
  • Is making strange noises
  • Won’t cycle on or off
  • Isn’t keeping you as warm on the normal thermostat setting

Emergency Air Conditioner Repair

The Maryland heat and humidity is no fun in the summer. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out a way to keep your family comfortable, especially if there are children or elderly people in your home or business.

Give Us a Call When You See The Earliest Signs of Your Air Conditioner Failing, Such As:
  • Blowing out warm or hot air from your vents
  • Your system is making strange noises
  • A frozen or leaking AC compressor

If you need emergency HVAC repair in Frederick County or the surrounding areas, call us to schedule service at 301-401-2780. We can handle any repair problem you have—large or small. Give us a call and we will ensure that your system is back to maintaining a comfortable temperature and energy efficiency! You can also ask about our annual Maintenance Program to help keep your system running at peak performance all year round.

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