Are you searching for Clarksburg Air Conditioner Repair? Since 2006 Dave’s Cooling & Heating has been providing air conditioner repair and installation services to the Frederick County area.

Our company can get your air conditioner repaired or replaced for a great price!

With hot summer weeks still ahead, it’s important to take action to get your air conditioner repaired so you can save money on your electricity costs.

Clarksburg Air Conditioner Repair

Signs That Your Air Conditioner May Need to Be Repaired

Your air conditioner doesn’t work like it used to – If your air conditioner isn’t cycling on or off like it used to, this is a sign that enough air may not be flowing over your air conditioners coils and the system can’t remove humidity from the air, so it runs nonstop. We can fix this problem! Contact our Clarksburg Air Conditioner Repair company to come out and get your air conditioner in peak running condition once again.

Higher than normal energy bill – Another clear sign that it’s time for air conditioner maintenance is if your last electric bill was higher than it normally has been during the same time of year in the past. This could be due to the fact that your air conditioner is staying on for long periods of time and needs maintenance ASAP.

Warm air is blowing from your air conditioner registers – Have you noticed that warm air is blowing from one or more of your air conditioners registers? If so, this is another sign that your unit needs Clarksburg Air Conditioner Repair because your compressor or condenser may need to be replaced or your air conditioner may have a refrigerant problem.

Some rooms in your home have different temperatures – Last of all, another important reason to contact an air conditioner technician like Dave’s Cooling and Heating is if you notice that one or more rooms are warmer than the other rooms in your house. When you schedule an appointment with Dave’s Cooling and Heating our technician will come out to your home to verify if the problem has something to do with your HVAC system, ventilation ducts, or something else.

clarksburg air conditioning repair

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