As the seasons change and the weather drops during the Frederick winters, you’re probably wondering if your furnace is going to be able to withstand the season.

Heating systems and furnaces start to experience strain during these colder months. But you don’t need to fret because Dave’s has everything under control!

Our skilled and factory certified technicians can properly diagnose, install, service, and repair all major furnace brands!

Furnace Repair and Installation in Frederick, MD

Furnace Installations

We provide personalized recommendations for a new furnace system to all of our customers because every home is unique. We can answer any questions you have as we work together to find the heating solution that fits your space and needs!

It’s not simply about what we’re selling. With our experience and industry knowledge, we can help you identify the perfect furnace system that works well with your home’s existing cooling and heating elements such, such as your air conditioner unit, indoor air quality equipment, etc.

Furnace Repairs

If you’re like most home owners in the Frederick, MD area, you may be using a furnace as your heating method of choice.

Because furnaces are the most popular form of residential heating system worldwide, we get a lot of calls about them.

While furnaces can produce powerful heat and operate effectively, they can suffer from malfunctions.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look any farther than our team to get the best furnace repair services in Frederick!

Signs You Need  Repair

We understand that detecting furnace issues can be a bit difficult for the untrained eye. Therefore if you notice any of the following issues give us a call:

  • Your Furnace Is Making Noises
  • Furnace Is Short Cycling On and Off Quickly
  • Energy Bill Is Higher Than Usual.
  • Cold spots in your home

Dave’s is here to help you detect issues quickly so that our experts can come out and assist you before your furnace breaks down completely or becomes faulty during the coldest months.

Furnace Maintenance

Natural gas furnaces are built and tested to operate for years. However, regular furnace servicing, cleaning and tuning are crucial to ensuring that your furnace functions at peak efficiency and has a long life expectancy.

Ignoring standard furnace maintenance might result in higher utility bills and less comfort. It forces the components to work harder, resulting in shorter life expectancies.  In certain situations, it might even result in a complete shutdown or system failure.

In general, most people can manage basic air filter cleaning or replacing on their own.  However, to prevent larger issues from developing, we recommend signing up for Dave’s Club.

Dave’s Club offer several different HVAC maintenance plans based on your needs and circumstances.

During a routine maintenance call, customers can expect Dave’s technician’s to evaluate your furnace’s performance in various modes of operation.

We then perform a number of cleaning and inspection tasks according to ACCA guidelines.

A few things we do for example:

  • Inspect, Clean, or Replace Filter
  • Inspect thermostat
  • Inspect and clean the burner, crossover and igniter in the combustion changer
  • Inspect and adjust the gas valve
  • Inspect, clean and tune the pilot light system
  • Clean the heat exchanger while inspecting for cracks, holes and leaks
  • Inspect for burned wires or high temperature problems
  • Inspect the fuel pipe and ductwork for cracks, holes, debris and other issues
  • Inspect for leaks in fuel supply components

Repair or Replacement?

A yearly furnace tune-up may improve efficiency and extend the life of your home heating system. However, a simple maintenance call might reveal a problem that will need a significant investment to repair.

Then it’s time to choose.

Do you want to spend lots of money on an expensive heating tune-up in order to keep using your current heating system?

You might also ask, “Should I upgrade or update?”

Sometimes the cost of fixing your current system is so high that it might make sense to invest in a furnace replacement.

There is no simple solution, but if a repair would cost roughly 50% of the cost of a new furnace, it’s might be better to replace it. If the current system has not already received multiple costly repairs, is in good working order and issues can be pinpointed and easily fixed, then keeping your existing system might make sense.

Either way, Dave’s is committed to providing you with the best information and facts to help you make the right decision for you!

100 Years of Furnace Service Experience

Everything begins with our certified technicians speaking to you and performing an evaluation on your current home and situation with you.

Our job is to provide you with the facts so you can make the most informed decision whether you need a repair, installation or replacement!

We have 14 technicians on staff with over 100 years of combined experience!

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