Your home’s HVAC system consumers up to half of the energy used overall. A huge portion of that is due to heating but cooling also consumes a fair share when summer rolls around. Here are some ways to reduce that energy consumption without suffering needlessly.


Higher Thermostat Setting

Your temperature just a degree higher than usual will consume less energy and you might not even notice much of a difference. If you’re wearing sweaters during the summer, chances are you can save on energy using this tactic and still feel cool enough.


Smart Thermostat

Rather than rely on your own memory or habit to change the temperature throughout the day or week, consider investing in a smart thermostat to do it for you. Even a programmable thermostat that allows you to set the temperature variations throughout the week will prevent you from letting your equipment consume too much energy cooling an empty house.


Open Windows In Cooler Weather

There’s a principle that commercial buildings use called “free cooling”. It typically applies to the unit bringing in outside air if it is at the right temperature and supplying it to the building. In your case, make use of outside air during cooler days and nights to allow you to save on energy while getting extra fresh air.


High Efficiency System

Upgrading to a high efficiency system automatically reduces your energy consumption when compared with the lower efficiency version. If your unit is near its end of life, its efficiency is even lower so talk to a professional about your options for replacing your air conditioner with a high efficiency system.


Proper Maintenance

A poorly functioning system might still keep you cool but will cost you with high energy consumption. Keeping on top of your equipment maintenance will ensure that you get the most from your system. Ensure that your unit is well tuned so you benefit from longer lasting equipment as well as lower energy consumption during the hottest days of the year.


Place Condensing Unit In the shade

Your outdoor condensation unit works at a higher efficiency when the temperature outside is cooler. You can’t control the weather but you can set your equipment up for improved performance by placing it in a shady spot. You can place your unit on the shadiest side of your house or use landscaping like well placed trees to block the sun. Just remember to maintain clearances for proper airflow. If you need help reducing your home’s cooling energy consumption, give us a call.