Air Conditioner Settings – What’s The Best Temperature For Coolness And Efficiency?

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Summer is almost here, and if you’re like most people in Frederick County, you’re going to use your air conditioner to stay cool but the big question is what’s the best temperature that you should set your thermostat at for coolness and energy efficiency?

Here are several tips to follow that will help you with finding the best solution for everyone in your home.

1. Set Your AC At A Comfortable Temperature 

Like Goldilocks’s porridge, this temperature is just right – not so cold that it wastes electricity (and money), but not so hot your home feels like a sauna. The idea is to make your home comfortable, not icy cold with the air conditioning running all the time.

2. Get A Little Help From Your Thermostat

Install a programmable or smart thermostat to regulate the air conditioning. Program it to raise the temperature a few degrees higher when you’ll be out of the house for several hours or more, and then lower it just in time, so you’ll come home to a comfortably cool house.

3. Keep The AC In Shape

If you already change or clean your air filter faithfully, give yourself a pat on the back. (If not, consider yourself reminded.) Proper care helps the system cool more efficiently. Now here’s another important step: schedule a thorough air conditioner tuneup with one of our “friendly experts.” At the same time, they can take care of any needed repairs.

4. Avoid Overheating Your Home

Dishwashers, dryers, stoves, and other appliances give off an awful lot of heat when they’re working. We won’t ask you to give up these modern conveniences completely, but using them less (or in off hours, at least) will help keep your house from overheating.

Run your dishwasher only when you’ve accumulated a full load and skip the pre-rinse. Hang laundry out in the Brampton sunshine to dry. As for cooking, what says summer better than an outdoor barbecue?

5. Dehumidify

Quick tip: Lower the relative humidity level and your indoor air will feel “magically” cooler. How to? Take shorter showers, use your bathroom exhaust fan and your range hood whenever necessary, and consider running a dehumidifier during super-humid, sticky weather.

6. Buy A Fan

A floor or ceiling fan consumes a lot less energy than your air conditioner. The answer to “What should I set my air conditioner at?” can be a couple of degrees higher when you utilize the fan to circulate cooled air more effectively. On milder days, give your AC a miss; the fan alone could provide enough cooling power.

7. Get Your Family On Board

Saving energy is like any self-improvement scheme – it stands a greater chance of success when you’ve got some support. Make raising the AC setting a challenge, not a chore. And if everyone’s truly miserable, consider lowering the thermostat, just a little at a time, until you find an indoor temperature you can live with.

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