Featured System: Lennox Heating and Cooling Systems

Lennox HVAC SystemsLennox is a home comfort product manufacturer that was incorporated in 1948 and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau since 1998. They have an extensive line of products for residential and commercial consumers and are known to have some of the quietest and most efficient air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces you can buy.

For residential consumers, they have helped to take the guesswork out of the decision making by offering a product selector on their website for those needing heating, cooling or entire system solutions for their home. In three (3) short steps, you’ll have their top system matches to best suit your needs.

With Lennox, you’ll also have the option of choosing from a complete line of programmable and smart thermostats that are all designed to work with and maximize the efficiency of your Lennox system. No matter if you want a simple, yet accurate temperature control, or the ultimate controller for precise comfort, Lennox has what you need.

Lennox offers indoor air quality devices such as air purification systems that control allergens and other contaminants. Humidity control that helps keep humidity at a comfortable level, usually between 30% and 60% is available with the whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers.  Or, you can choose a whole-home ventilation system which will bring fresh air into your living spaces, without wasting energy. Heating and cooling accounts for about half of your home’s total utility bill and upgrading to a high-efficiency system from Lennox you can cut your costs while keeping your family in complete comfort.  

For commercial consumers, they offer solar ready systems, rooftop units and much more. To see a full list of their commercial products, visit the Lennox Commercial website.

As a local Lennox dealer, we can help you get the most energy efficient HVAC unit for your home or business. Give us a call at 301-401-2780 so we can help you determine the best solution for your unique needs.

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