Air Conditioning For Dummies – Learn How An HVAC System Works

Air Conditioning

In today’s world, just about everyone has air conditioning in their home or office. It’s essential, especially in cities like Frederick Maryland where the heat and humidity can make summer temperatures almost unbearable.

Thankfully, an air conditioner makes life a lot easier because it enables us to flourish in areas that previously would have seemed uninhabitable.

Although most people have an air conditioner, the reality is that few people know how an HVAC system works. This is why in this article; we’re going to break down how an air conditioner works to provide you with insight into the internal components of your HVAC system.

What Does HVAC Mean?

If you’ve ever hired an HVAC contractor before, you probably wondered what the term HVAC means. This is an acronym stands for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system since these are the three components that make up a modern HVAC system.

Getting To Know Your HVAC System

Since we live in a mechanical age, where everyone drives a vehicle and is used to using electronic devices, for this part of the article we’re going to break down the components of your HVAC system using terminology that you can understand

AC Compressor – The first but most important piece of your HVAC system is the compressor. This piece is responsible for pumping the freon or refrigerant into the entire system and it keeps to your home or office cool.

If you think of your AC compressor as the heart of your HVAC system, you would be right because if your compressor begins to experience issues, like your heart, the entire system will stop working. This is why an annual HVAC tune-up is important because, a regular tune-up will help to ensure that your AC compressor, and your HVAC unit as a whole, are always going to be in proper working condition.

Freon / Refrigerant – After the AC compressor, the next important part of your HVAC system is the freon or refrigerant. Most people would refer to the refrigerant or Freon has the “blood” of an HVAC system because, without the freon to cool at home or office, the only thing that an air conditioner would be blowing would be warm air.

Coils – An HVAC systems coils are very similar to the veins in the human body since Freon is pumped through the coils similar to how blood is pumped through human veins.

Filter – As every human body has a liver and kidneys that filter that impurities from a human body, an air conditioner also has its filter as well that should be changed every month to ensure that it doesn’t become clogged with dust, dirt and other debris which may impact the functionality of the air conditioning system.

Thermostat – Last of all, but most important, is the thermostat. For this example, we’re going to use the human brain because, an air conditioners thermostat is very similar to a human brain since it controls the entire system.

Thankfully, more thermostats are more user-friendly than ever before, especially smart thermostats that can be controlled by a smartphone anywhere it has access to a Wi-Fi connection.

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