The Benefits of Regular Heat Pump Service

Heating MaintenanceBeing on the east coast, we are fortunate to experience all four seasons. That also means we rely heavily on our heat pump system and this is why regular Heat Pump Service is so important!

Heat Pump Service Saves On Repairs

Just like the old saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!”, most problems start off small and may even be unnoticeable to the untrained eye. Having a maintenance program in place not only catches these issues early but allows you to make repairs before they become emergencies. A heat pump system that is regularly serviced runs at a high efficiency saving you on those monthly electric bills also. That is a win-win for your wallet and your heat pump system.

Benefits of a maintenance program

When you have your heat pump system regularly maintained, you can expect the following benefits:

  • Clean condenser coils are an energy saver. When your system is clean and clear of all build-up, it runs at a higher efficiency. This results in energy savings and lower energy bills.
  • Clean filters create clean air flow. The indoor air quality is affected by the condition of the filter in your heat pump system. This can cause concerns such as allergens, bacteria, and pollutants in the air. The Department of Energy confirms that changing filters is an important part of maintaining a heat pump system.
  • Properly charged coolant helps keep your home at a more comfortable level.
  • Saving money on labor and parts. By maintaining your system on a regular basis, problems are caught early. This means lower chances of “emergency” service calls.
  • Ensure that equipment warranties remain in force. This is a big one! Almost all warranties have a clause regarding regular maintenance. A heat pump system that is not maintained may void the warranty. Don’t get caught up in this and arrange for a regular maintenance schedule.
  • Extended life of your heat pump system. A maintained heat pump system is more likely to run for a longer duration. Additionally, keeping the system in tip-top shape allows it to operate at peak performance.

It’s important that you find a service contract that you are comfortable with and fits your system’s needs. We encourage every homeowner to have an annual contract in place and give peace of mind that your heat pump system will be ready to perform when you call upon it. Contact our Frederick heating contractors today and let’s talk about your system type and the service contracts available to you.

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