Visiting a Hemp Farm in Frederick, Maryland

The other day we visited Dawn Gordon of Fingerboard Farms, a client of ours for whom we installed a brand new 3-zone Mitsubishi ductless mini split system. 

We work with all types of businesses but this one was quite unique and quite a treat. 

Dawn Gordon is a hemp farmHer based right here in Frederick, MD. 

Fingerboard Farms is an organic farm to jar CBD business that sells everything from CBD herbal flower, oils, and edible products. Also skin and bath products. Even CBD products for your pets!

It’s also a 4/20 friendly agro-tourism destination with a gorgeous 6 bedroom farm house that hosts up to 14 people. 

Dawn discovered CBD when her doctor recommended it to help treat her pain from lyme disease. 

She says the recommendation was life changing. Not only did her pain and inflammation go away, but she also fell in love with the plant. It became her passion and her life’s work. 

Her farm grows everything naturally and organically without the use of herbicides or pesticides. She deeply cares about what goes into each of her products and it’s nice to know that especially as a customer. 

Nestled on a large multi acre property, this place is definitely one to visit if you want to book a weekend with friends or a work retreat…or large family gatherings. 

The Hemp Farm and Shop 

Fingerboard Farms has their indoor grow facility in which they grow CBD from hemp and also THC plants for many medical dispensaries in Maryland. 

The plants are grown with organic seeds and without added chemicals in order to create the best CBD products possible. 

Dawn has a commitment to quality that we can certainly relate with!

From her website:

“If you feel like you have tried everything under the sun and nothing is working, maybe it’s time you try CBD, too? We offer a variety of products ranging from our Groovy Grape Delta-8 gummies and capsules to our Morning and Midnight Magic hemp oils and Sleepy Time tea. Our line of calming créme and bath salts are also excellent sources of therapy. We also offer several flower strains — try a box set of our new Dawg Walker chill-out pre-rolls

CBD can provide incredible relief for your animal friends, too! Our Pleasant Pet hemp oil can help your fur baby with arthritis pain, seizures, skin conditions, digestive issues, and more. “

There’s a “tiny-house” shop on the property where you can purchase any of the above products during a visit to Fingerboard Farms or whilst staying at the farm house. 

The FarmHouse 

Known as the Fingerboard Country Inn, this beautiful old farmhouse is available through their website or Airbnb to rent out.

It has 6 bedrooms which sleep up to 14 people. There are 3.5 baths and a large gourmet kitchen, all with absolutely beautiful flooring. 

The house is quite old, originally built 1789 so it does not have any of the air ducts you typically see in newer construction homes.

Dawn originally had window AC units in the guest rooms but she upgraded to the more efficient Mitsubishi Mini Split AC’s in three of the rooms. 

Now her guests not only have better air conditioning but the energy bill is much much lower. Rave for Dave’s!

But this place is magnificent!

There is plenty of patio space in the back which has a giant fire pit in the middle of it and a gazebo off in one corner. 

All great for getting cozy under the stars. 

There is even an infrared dry sauna in the backyard. 

Not only that, this place is children friendly with a playhouse and other fun things in the backyard. There are donkeys, pigs, peacocks, goats, geese, hens and ducks on the property which can be fun especially for kids.

Directions to Fingerboard Farms

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