Why Your Company Should Consider A/C Installation in the Offseason

Expert AC InstallationsIf your company is in need of a new A/C system within the next season or two, a little bit of planning can save your company money, save you time and reduce stress. You may want to consider planning for an offseason A/C installation. Planning your A/C installation in the offseason can mean savings and increased satisfaction, not to mention, easy scheduling. Read on to discover even more reasons why your company should consider A/C installation in the offseason.

Supply and demand

When a new commercial A/C unit is purchased, it is also custom made by the manufacturer. Therefore, when replacing your system in the offseason, there will be no issue in getting your system manufactured. Whereas, waiting until peak season means that manufacturers are already in high gear and there could be a longer wait time. The result could be time without a working system during the hottest time of the year, causing a lot of downtime in your business. Creating a plan to get a new system when the demand is low establishes a window for your order to be manufactured and installed with little to no issue.


Usually, during the offseason, many contractors have sales and deals happening that benefit you, the consumer. By scheduling your installation in the offseason, you open your company to receive additional discounts. Savings will be available from not only the manufacturer but the contractor, too. With offseason installation and programs like Lennox’s planned replacement, the savings continue to add up!


Since you and the contractor will both have more time to figure out which system to install, you will be able to take the time to see some of the latest technology available. Since the last system was installed, it’s likely a lot has changed, and many more systems are available to you. Take the time to talk with your contractor and decide what will be the most valuable system for your building.

Your contractor will run new calculations on both the cooling requirements for your building and the actual ductwork and airflow. If any changes in the structure have been made, it can affect the type of system that would work most adequately to cool your space. For example, if offices have been added or taken away, insulation has been added, or you have upgraded the windows, you may have different system requirements now. A system that isn’t the right size can cause a plethora of issues, including, inconsistent temperatures or elevated humidity levels.


Since temperatures are typically less extreme in the spring, there are fewer emergency breakdowns and replacements. Your contractor can be more accommodating to an installation date that works with your company’s schedule.

Now you have all the advantages of scheduling your commercial A/C installation in the offseason. Don’t wait for an emergency to arise and call the shots. Your next step is to contact us to set the plan in motion. Our commercial installation team is waiting to service your A/C installation needs.

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