What To Do If Your Furnace Is Short Cycling

One of the most frustrating problems that homeowners have to deal with during the winter months is to find out that their furnace is short cycling.

Short cycling occurs when a furnace turns on and off frequently and, in many cases, it doesn’t warm the home up at all before it shuts down.

If your furnace has been short cycling, this article will offer you several reasons why this problem happens and what can be done to fix it.


Why Does Short Cycling Happen?

There are several reasons why short cycling happens including overheating, dirty furnace filter, blocked exhaust vent, or having a thermostat that’s been mounted in the wrong location.

The reality is that many of the issues that are responsible for causing a furnace to short cycle can be fixed, and they are often not expensive to resolve, but there also could be some issues under the surface which could be causing this problem to occur.

On very rare occasions, there have been some cases of furnace short cycling because the furnace was too large for the home because the homeowner thought that ‘bigger is better’ so they choose a furnace that was too large for their home.

When a home has a furnace that’s too large, the only thing that can be done to fix this problem is to replace the entire unit so that the correct unit can be installed for the property.

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