Tips for Choosing the Right Thermostat for Your Home

Tips for Choosing the Right Thermostat for Your Home

Is your thermostat a “relic” from the 1990’s? If so, it’s time for a change!

Installing the right thermostat in your home will improve the energy efficiency of your HVAC all year long because today’s modern energy-efficient thermostat can remember your ideal comfort settings so you won’t have to continue turning on your unit when you’re cold or hot.


How to Choose the Right Thermostat?

 Before deciding on just any thermostat for your home, you have to verify that it’s going to work with your cooling and heating system since the thermostat may not work with your unit if it’s electric baseboard, heat pump or 24-volt system.


When deciding on a thermostat for your home you should opt for a “smart” thermostat because as we mentioned above, this thermostat will remember the ideal comfort settings for your home.


What’s even better about smart thermostat is that most of today’s models are WIFI enabled so you will have the ability to adjust or turn your system on even if you’re away from home.


Ideally, your new thermostat should be a digital “non-programmable” thermostat because this means that once it’s installed you will be able to start using it via the LCD display without having to program it.


Most of today’s smart thermostats are also very affordable because as technology becomes more common these units are starting to be mass-marketed online and in stores locally.


The average smart thermostat can cost between $130 to $300 because like any tech device that you own in this day and age, the price that you pay ultimately depends on what you would like the device to do.


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