HVAC Maintenance Tips For July 2020


It’s July 2020 and if you’ve lived in Frederick County for any length of time, you know that having a perfectly functioning HVAC system is necessary if you’re going to survive the hot summer here.

Having an system is important but, it’s also imperative that you take the steps to keep your HVAC unit well maintained during the summer months. Regular maintenance is going to be the number one thing that will help you to pay less money on your monthly energy bill and keep your HVAC system running for years to come.

Change The HVAC Air Filter

One of the first things that you should do to keep your HVAC system in the excellent running condition during the summer months is to replace your HVAC air filter every month.

When an HVAC air filter is not replaced, the unit has a harder to keep a home cooled because the indoor unit technically has a harder time breathing.

Thankfully, replacing an HVAC air filter is something that any homeowner, or renter, can do themselves, it just takes writing a note on a calendar or adding an alert on your favorite device to remind you to replace the air filter regularly.

Check Your Vents And Registers

Another important thing that you should do during the summer months is to check the vents in your home.

This step is important because of the simple fact that vents can often become blocked during the year and a blocked HVAC vent could be another reason why your home’s energy bill has been going up during summer because one room in your house could be making your unit work harder to keep the entire house cool.

Inspect Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

Last of all, but most important, another thing that you should do during July is to check your outdoor unit to make sure that there are not any weeds, debris, trash or other items which may be blocking airflow to that unit and keeping it from functioning normally during the summer months.

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