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Indoor Air Quality

Health and happiness start with the air around us. We don’t just breathe it, we live in it. And we have the power to make it perfect. Improve your life with better air quality.

By WP BrandStudio
May 14, 2019

In the past, people just accepted that their home was uncomfortable at times. That it was the weather, the windows or some other issue. For a long time, people just dealt with it. But there is a cultural shift happening. Now more than ever, people are keenly aware of their health and well-being and are continuously searching for ways to live their best life. And there’s no shortage of products and services out there willing to fill this need. From candles that promise to bring “balance and harmony” to any room, to Himalayan salt lamps that claim to alleviate numerous symptoms from anxiety to asthma. There’s even an electric head massager for “biographic brain therapy” to help you relax.

There is nothing inherently wrong with these things. But, before we spend money and energy on goat yoga and juice cleanses, what if we just start with the basics-the air we live in? Air isn’t the first place we look to improve our lives. Maybe because we can’t see or touch it. But there is a direct correlation between quality of life and the quality of the air around us.

Why is air quality important?

Indoor air quality (IAQ), refers to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants. A single exposure to poor IAQ can lead to headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and irritation of eyes, nose, and throat. Years of exposure to pollutants in the air contributes to a host of health issues.

Air doesn’t just impact health; it also contributes to happiness. Air has a profound effect on how people feel. When the air around you is comfortable and pleasant, your mood naturally lifts. The air in your environment is a key component to feeling good.

Research indicates that when someone is cold, they’re not just uncomfortable, they’re also distracted. When people feel cold, they use a substantial amount of energy to keep warm. They have less energy for focus and concentration. Air affects our sleep, our ability to concentrate, our productivity and our mood.

In a warmer environment, people are genuinely happier. a Cornell study found that warmer subjects were more likely than cold ones to offer a friend the prizes they received for participation, suggesting a potential overlap between the neural centers of trust and physical comfort. The brain doesn’t see a difference between physical warmth and psychological warmth. You can take advantage of this by controlling the air around you.

It’s time to take control

We cannot control the air outside containing pollen, smog, or smoke from forest fires. However, there’s much about the air around us in our homes that can be controlled-and it goes far beyond managing the temperature. You have power over the air you live in to create your own version of perfect air, which has a huge impact on your overall wellbeing.

Moreover, you’re not stuck with the decisions of the previous homeowner or problems the builder created. Today’s better HVAC systems can eliminate hot and cold spots in your home, balance temperatures and humidity, remove odors and do it all gently and quickly. You maintain control over the air to create a just-right environment for every part of your day and for every occasion. You can also create the perfect environment for every member of your family by adjusting the air temperature in different rooms in your home. Perfect air is personal.

If you feel like you must settle for poor air quality, it’s time to rethink your air. Lennox, an international provider of innovative climate control solutions for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, is leading the charge by making a case for healthier, happier living through better air. Lennox lives and breathes to provide comfort, and often this comes down to something as basic and essential to life as air.

Pure and balanced air is within your reach and control. Which in turn creates harmony in the home and elevates your overall health and happiness. No candle or smoothie can create this. Don’t live with uncomfortable or even average air. You deserve perfection.

By: Lennox 
Source: Cornell 

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