When to Install an HVAC System

Thankfully, getting a new HVAC system installed isn’t something that has to be done on an annual basis. But it is necessary from time to time. When the system is old and no longer working as it should to keep your house a comfortable temperature, you’ll want to be sure to have it replaced promptly. You don’t want to wait until the hottest day of the year to schedule an installation. Consider these factors, and it will become clear when the best time to plan the installation of your new system.  


When scheduling a new installation, it’s best to look at scheduling an offseason appointment. The reason behind this is that the offseason calendar will be more open, leaving more convenient scheduling times for you. During peak season, both summer and winter, most contractors are scheduled heavily with repair and service calls. Meaning, it could be weeks before they can schedule a team to come out and install your HVAC system.

Peak season

Depending on where you live, peak season may be a little longer, or shorter, based on the weather. Typically, the summer peak season runs mid-May through September, and the winter peak would be November to mid-March. Summer peak season means temperatures that reach into 100 degrees and winter means temperatures that dip well below zero.

When the weather is mild enough that people are not thinking about turning on or replacing their HVAC system, there is a definite drop in demand for repairs and replacements. So be sure to plan accordingly when thinking about installing your new HVAC system.


While the cost of an HVAC system and the labor to install it won’t change dependent upon the time of year, the discounts and rebates available to you might. During the offseason, manufacturers, like Lennox will offer rebates, zero percent financing and other incentives for customers who purchase new systems. During peak season, these offers may not exist due to higher demand.


While demand is less during the offseason, more systems are in stock and readily available for installation. There is a possibility that when the need is higher, it could take longer for technicians to get the systems in stock and to the customer for installation.


While Dave’s Cooling & Heating always offers top notch service and guarantees your satisfaction, scheduling your installation against peak times will prove beneficial. Since you will have more time to choose your new HVAC system, explore the technology currently available, and talk about what features are most important, you are sure to be extremely satisfied.

Planning and scheduling your HVAC system installation during the milder weather will work to your benefit. Remember that replacing your HVAC system during the peak-season could mean a slower installation, inconvenient scheduling and yes, even a higher installation cost. This makes offseason the best time to replace your HVAC system.

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