Make 2020 the Year You Get Central Air and Heat


Have you been heating your home with baseboard heat and cooling it with window units? While these have served their purposes, you can reap so many more benefits with having central air and heat. Here are a few…

Increased Home Value

Are you considering selling your home or renting it out anytime in the near future? If so, you may want to consider getting central air and heat. Did you know that having central air and heat increases a home’s value by around 10%? So if your house is worth $200,000, it can increase it to $220,000. First and foremost, that’s a great return on investment! Secondly, when people are coming in to look at your house, they might not necessarily notice that it’s a new unit but they will notice if it doesn’t exist or isn’t working. This could be the deal-breaker for them and could be why they don’t put in an offer. Also, if you’re renting the house out, you’re competing with other properties that have central air and heat. Therefore, it’s a good idea to increase your competitive advantage so that you rent yours faster than others. Lastly, if you want to add on to your house or do major renovations like a kitchen or roof, and know that you’ll need a home equity loan, the higher your house appraises for, the more you can get for your loan. 

Indoor Air Quality

Who doesn’t want themselves and/or their family breathing better air? We know you do! Window units and baseboard heaters don’t offer the air filtration that central air and heat does. This is another great reason to get central air. Additionally, you can add UV lights and a humidifier to the system to make the air quality even better. 

More Comfort

It’s the middle of winter. Do you find yourself bundled up in certain parts of the house or even certain parts of the room because the temperature just isn’t that even across your home? With central air and heat, you can live in your home much more comfortable. Not only is the air dispersed more evenly but the temperature is better regulated, especially with the technologies of today’s units. With central air, there is a better response to temperature changes which is much needed around Frederick County considering how quickly the weather changes

If you’re not sure what type of system to get, we’d be happy to send one of our experts our for a free estimate so that you make the best decision for you!

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