Featured System: Mitsubishi Heating and Cooling Systems

Mitsubishi HVAC SystemsMitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating, established in North America in 1980, is among the top manufacturers of climate control systems. Their goal is to be the number one provider for comfort without compromise and they do this by offering “personalized comfort while conserving energy and promoting environmental sustainability”, according to their website. No matter if you’re building a home, upgrading your current system or trying to bring comfort to a single room, Mitsubishi Electric has options that will fit your unique needs.

Mitsubishi Systems

Wall-, ceiling- or floor-mounted units work well in a single room that is too hot or cold. This unit is easily connected to an outdoor unit and is a great solution to maintain the temperature in a single room. This system is ductless and is a beautifully efficient way to provide consistent room comfort, according to HGTV.

Taking on a major renovation? You may be interested in learning more about the ceiling-cassette. This system works for rooms with limited wall space or where it is impractical to extend the entire duct system to the new space.  The cassette is recessed into the ceiling and gives a wider airflow pattern to allow for better air distribution that you can direct precisely to where the air is needed. You can monitor and adjust this system with a remote control or from your smartphone or tablet.

The multi-position air handler unit is specifically designed to replace an aging or failing system and to improve energy efficiency. This ducted air handler offers quiet and efficient cooling and heating solutions for your home. It is not only a great option for renovations but works great in newly built homes as well.

The Mitsubishi Electric Horizontal-ducted system is another option to consider when talking about new construction. The horizontal-ducted system delivers quiet and powerful comfort control in a discrete package. This system saves space and energy with low profile ducts that help manage the comfort of each room individually. Less ductwork is used here than traditional systems and can be hidden either above the ceiling or below the floor.

Mitsubishi Technology

Mitsubishi is committed to helping you create your own customized comfort system and has the latest in technology to make that happen. With zoned comfort solutions, you don’t need to heat or cool rooms that you aren’t using. Zone control lets you optimize the temperature of any space with an indoor unit that saves energy and reduces cost.

The enhanced filtration systems increase the indoor air quality as it removes pollen, dander, and other allergens. This system has washable filters that last up to 10 years, so keeping them clean is a breeze.

Get the latest in high tech control right at your fingertips. Mitsubishi offers a smartphone app, Kumo Cloud, that allows you to control your system from anywhere at any time. Now you can raise the heat or lower the air conditioner whether you’re out for the day or even the month.

Dave’s Cooling & Heating is proud to install, repair and maintain Mitsubishi systems. If you would like to receive more information on alternative heating and cooling systems, such as the Mitsubishi Electric systems, please call our office today and schedule a consultation.

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