Now Dave’s Cooling & Heating

You’ve seen that our name has changed but you may be asking yourself why! Thirteen years ago, Dave and Diana Scurto started a company based on their experience and expertise. The company was founded on basic principles of a quality, streamlined, customer-service company, providing complete satisfaction through technical competence. At the time, they called the company Dave’s Mechanical Services, which you formerly knew it as. It made sense at the time considering the term mechanical services is technically used for any building service that uses machines such as plumbing, elevators, escalators and heating and air conditioning systems.

As the business progressed, it became evident that the original name may not have been the best and that it came with a few drawbacks. One being, when team members would be out and about, people would see the name on their vehicles or shirts and would ask them some variation of “What does mechanical services mean?” or “So what exactly do you do?”. This happened so often that we knew it was time to consider a name change to more accurately depict what we do as a company.

As a result, we are now Dave’s Cooling and Heating. Cooling and heating services are what we provide so our name is much more self-explanatory now. While our name has changed, we still operate from the same basic principles that we were founded on. We are committed to expert service, value, and comfort!

We are still the same great company – licensed and insured, with over 100 years of combined experience. Our trained employees are the best in our industry. You can count on us to handle all your cooling and heating repair, maintenance and installation needs. You can trust Dave’s Cooling & Heating. For great service and great rates, call us at 301-401-2780 or visit our new website at!

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