Pros and Cons of Different Heating Systems

heating systems

Consistently cool temperatures are right around the corner. Have you been thinking about getting a new heating system but aren’t sure which is the best? If so, we’d like to share some of the pros and cons of the different heating systems. 

Natural Gas

Pros – This is the most cost-effective type of heat that you can have and it warms the house well. It also burns cleaner than other fossil fuels releasing about 30% less carbon dioxide than oil into the environment. Lastly, there is also an abundant supply of natural gas.

Cons –  It doesn’t have the warmest heat and doesn’t come with air conditioning. It also may not be available in your area. 


Pros – Propane heat is a few degrees warmer than natural gas so it warms your home slightly better. 

Cons – This is the most expensive type of heat and does not come with air conditioning. You also have to stay on top of scheduling service to fill up your tank which may cause you to be out of heat. 


Pros – Oil heat is the hottest type of heat so it will warm your house very well. 

Cons –  It is the least efficient and the dirtiest type of heat you can have. If you currently have this type of heat, definitely consider getting rid of it or at least getting a dual system with a heat pump so it’s only being used in extremely frigid temperatures as a backup. Another con is that air conditioning does not come along with oil heat. Lastly, it requires more maintenance and you have to stay on top of filling the tank as many costly issues can arise if the tank runs dry. 

Heat Pump

Heat pumps move air from one place to another by pumping heat from outside sources into your home by using a compressor to extract the heat. 

Pros – With heat pumps, air conditioning comes along with it. Therefore you don’t have to purchase a separate system. They are also more cost-efficient and require less maintenance. 

Cons – Heat pumps offer the coolest heat and backup heat, like electric heat, is needed for frigid temperatures. 

If you’re still unsure about heating systems and which is the best for you, we’d be happy to come out for a free estimate and provide a recommendation for which is the best solution for you. Schedule with our heating contractors today!

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