Reasons Why Most Home Heating Bills Are Too High During The Winter

Besides spending time with family this winter, having family dinners, opening presents, or attending holiday events, many Frederick Maryland residents will experience the shock of having a higher than the normal home heating bill.

Sadly, most people will pay their electric bills without giving them a second thought but the reality is that there are several reasons why most home heating bills are higher than normal during the winter.

Reason #1 – Old Thermostat

One of the first reasons why most home heating bills are higher than normal during the winter months is because of old thermostats.

If the thermostat in your home or office is 10 years old, or older, it’s best to replace it with a programmable thermostat. These new, high tech thermostats will “memorize” your heating and cooling preferences so that you won’t constantly be turning up the heat, or turning it down, during the winter months.

Reason #2 – Old HVAC System

Another common reason why most people have higher than normal heating bills during the winter in Frederick is due to the age of their HVAC systems themselves.

Although most people don’t think about their HVAC system being the cause of the problem, the reality is that if an HVAC unit is more than 20 years old, you should consider replacing it with a newer HVAC system.

New HVAC systems are energy efficient and designed with the highest of standards so that you can count on saving money on your heating and cooling costs every year.

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Reason #3 – Your HVAC System Is Lacking Maintenance

Just like your car or truck, your HVAC system needs to be tuned up at the very least bi-annually. This is important because failure to tune up your unit will result in continued higher than normal energy bills and eventually major repairs that could have been avoided!

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