Replace Your HVAC Now or Later?

Should You Replace Your HVAC Now Instead of Later?

Summer is officially here and if you’re like most people you may be using your air conditioner regularly to keep your home or office cool.  If your HVAC is older, or not running properly, you have been asking yourself recently if you should replace it or spend the money to keep it running.

In this article we will answer this question just so you will have peace of mind in knowing when it’s time for you to replace your HVAC.

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your HVAC

The first thing to consider when making the decision to repair or replace your HVAC is its age.

Although your HVAC may have been running well up until now, most HVAC technicians recommend that older A/C units be replaced when they reach 10 years old or older because older units are less energy efficient than newer HVAC units and their repair costs can add up.

For example: Let’s say that your HVAC has a bad compressor and coolant leak, if this is the case, depending on your A/C unit, you could expect to pay up to $2,000 in repair costs so it may make more sense to buy an affordable “low end” HVAC instead of repairing your old one.

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You Will Save Money on Energy Costs

Another excellent reason to replace your HVAC is the fact that you will save money on energy costs. In some states that can amount to a savings of 20 percent on your heating and cooling costs so if you dread getting your electric bill during months when you’re using your HVAC a lot, it may make sense to replace it.

If you’re still not sure if you should replace your HVAC, one final thing you can do is use the 5,000 rules. To use this rule all you do is multiply the age of your equipment by the repair costs. If the number that you come up with is more than $5,000 then you should consider replacing your HVAC.

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