What To Do If Your Furnace Is Short Cycling

short cycling

If it’s been a while since you last used your furnace, you may be surprised to find out that it’s short cycling. This occurs when your furnace continues turning on, and off, usually without any time, or change in the temperature of your home, between each cycle.

What Does Short Cycling Occur?

Short cycling is typically the result of these reasons:

  • Your furnace is overheating
  • The furnace has a bad flame sensor
  • Dirty furnace air filter
  • Furnace heat grates may be blocked
  • The thermostat may be mounted in a bad location
  • You have a furnace that’s too big for your house

Can Short Cycling Be Fixed?

The good news about short cycling is that this problem can be fixed by an HVAC professional, especially if the furnace is overheating because this can leak carbon monoxide into your home and potentially be harmful to you and the other members of your family.

A local HVAC professional will also help fix a bad flame sensor because if the sensor isn’t able to sense the flame, the gas will shut off. The good news is that an HVAC technician will resolve this problem and get your HVAC back in shape fast!

What Can You Do To Fix The Problem?

One important thing that you should be doing every month is changing your HVAC filter. This is effective because you want to ensure that your HVAC has proper airflow. You should also check your HVAC grates because they can often become blocked during the year and unblocking those grates will ensure that the heat can flow correctly through your home.

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