The Benefits of Investing in a New Heating System


If you have had your heating system for a long time now, you may notice a few warning signs that it’s on its way out. With winter rolling in and nights getting colder, being comfortable in your own home is an essential seasonal task.  

So if you believe it’s time to give your heating system a new and much needed upgrade, here’s when to consider investing in a brand new heating system to get you through the reason of the year: 

Warning Signs

A few signs that your old system is probably on its way out is if: 

  • You hear strange or loud noises. 
  • It doesn’t turn on or off when you want it to. 
  • The pilot light goes out frequently.
  • Your home feels cooler than the temperature on the thermostat setting. 
  • There is some kind of water leakage or metallic smell coming from your system. 
  • Your carbon monoxide alarms are going off. 

The Benefits Of Upgrading

All these issues and more make your home uncomfortable or unsafe during the wintertime. When you upgrade, your new system will come with a number of new features and higher running capacity. You will see a real difference in how well you heat pump, boiler or furnace run. A new heating system will be better at keeping the temperature in your home consistent from room to room as well as increase energy efficiency. Don’t miss out this winter!

Calling In a Professional

We care deeply about you and your family’s comfort at home. When temperatures drop below freezing, you’ll want to make sure you have a system that is ready to operate at its best. When you are searching for help with your system needs, you need reliable heating contractors that have skilled technicians, experience, and competitive pricing. And we here at Dave’s Cooling and Heating are here to help! We will send a certified technician to come to your home or property in order to assess the situation and ensure that you receive the right system for your home. 


We will explain your options and help you decide which option would be best for your situation based on your home, budget, and needs.

Call us today at 301-401-2780 for all your heating service needs and for a free estimate to replace an existing system or to install a new system!

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