UV Light vs Air Scrubber Plus

Do you have seasonal allergies or a cough you cannot kick, and your doctor has told you to invest in a UV light or Air Scrubber HVAC system? Indoor air quality is a concern many homeowners have, but finding the right solution might be a challenge. This can especially be true if you are struggling to figure out if an air scrubbing unit or UV light air filter is the right financial investment for you. Continue on and we’re sure you’ll feel more confident about making the right choice.

What are UV lights?

UV lights are placed inside your HVAC system by the coil. They are used to kill mold and bacteria before any of it is able to enter your living space as the air is blown through the vents. UV lights are good for keeping the indoor coil free of mold. Mold can grow and develop due to the fact the coil is wet for several months of the year.

What Is An Air Scrubber?

The main idea behind air scrubbing is to make small things bigger. This makes it easier to be filtered or vacuumed up. Basically, when your system gets turned on, the air will flow through a titanium dioxide-coated plate. Once inside the plate, the particles pass through a strong UV light. This light works to disrupt the makeup of the particles and contaminants. Once they are disrupted, they are no longer in their original makeup and are therefore useless to infect the air.

How UV light and air scrubbing filters can differ

Since UV lights are placed at the coil of the Air Scrubber HVAC unit, it is able to clean the coil of mold. Therefore, “cleans” the air before it hits the blower. To the contrast, the Air Scrubber Plus not only treats the air that is brought into your system, but puts the clean air into your living space, so it treats countertops and other surfaces.

Reasons to get UV light

A UV light is a solution to keep mold from the coil of your HVAC unit. If that is the only issue you are trying to solve, then a UV light is right for you. The air scrubbers will be the better choice if you want to move up to a whole-house air filter and include HVAC units and ductwork.

Reasons to upgrade air scrubbing filters

In addition to cleaning the air as it enters into your system, the Air Scrubber Plus releases cleaner air into your living space. This air also goes to other areas such as countertops, killing germs there. The cleaner air that is blown from your ducts is recirculated time and again. This means your air has gone through the Air Scrubber Plus more than once. Along with providing cleaner air, a scientific study showed the Air Scrubber Plus also extended the life of HVAC systems. By not having a lot of heavy particles in the air, there is less wear-and-tear on the HVAC unit itself. Not only does this save money on the long-term costs of not needing to frequently replace the HVAC unit, but it also means lower utility bills. This is because there is less of an electrical draw on an unclogged motor and filter.

Let us help you get the right air filtration systems

At Dave’s Cooling & Heating, we help homeowners throughout Maryland and West Virginia find, repair, inspect and install HVAC systems that help you breathe easier. We will ensure your unit is installed correctly to fit your needs no matter which brand or model you choose. We also help you keep it in excellent working condition in the long-term with HVAC or air filtration maintenance services. Dave’s is here to help whether you need a new filter or help figuring out filtration for the first time.

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