What Happens When You Don’t Change Your HVAC Air Filter?

As a homeowner or renter, one of the best things that you can do if your home has central heating and air conditioning is to change your HVAC air filter at least once a month, or every three months.

Some HVAC units will have one air filter, while others will have two filters. The key to success is to change these filters every 1-3 months or as often as your HVAC manufacturer recommends, because they will keep your unit running smoothly.

Don’t Want To Change Your HVAC Air Filter? Here’s What Will Happen

If you forget to change your HVAC air filter, or don’t want to take the time or effort to handle this simple part of routine maintenance, these are the consequences that will come with having a dirty filter.

#1 – Higher Energy Bills – When an HVAC unit has a clogged air filter, the air is going to have a more difficult time flowing through your HVAC system and this will make it more difficult for your central heating or air conditioner to distribute air effectively. The result from a poorly functioning HVAC unit will of course be higher than normal energy bills that can last for months until the filter is changed.

#2 – Malfunctioning Temperature Regulation – The next thing that will happen when you don’t change your filter is having an HVAC unit that doesn’t regulate the temperature correctly in your home. This means that you could have a freezing home during the winter, or heat during the summer months and you will want to spend less time in your home because it’s not going to be as comfortable as it was in the past.

#3 – Health Problems – Last of all, but most important, another problem that can come from not changing your filter is that everyone who lives in your home could have more health issues than they did in the past.

A clogged air filter could result in more dust particles and debris floating inside your home could result in more sneezing, watery eyes, and runny noses until that HVAC air filter is changed.

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