3 Reasons Customers with Inverters are Happier

Have you been searching for ways to make your home more comfortable? If so, inverters are the way to go!  This technology is used in an HVAC unit. When people have them, they are typically happier and won’t go back. Here’s why:

1. Improve overall efficiency

Units that do not have them are far less efficient because they cycle between on and off and they cannot control the amount of energy they put out. With a normal unit, the air will gradually match the temperature of the outdoor air, the system will kick on and bring the air back to the temperature that the thermostat is set at and then shut off. Therefore, when it’s on, it’s operating at full capacity the whole time. Going back to the car analogy, imagine that your gas pedal started at 0 and then went to the floor immediately. While you’d get to where you wanted to really fast, it’s excessive and unnecessary. Instead, we can push the gas pedal as we need to in order to maintain the desired speed.

Sticking to the car analogy, imagine that you are driving a car and you are at a stoplight. We don’t completely shut the car off when sitting. We simply put on the breaks. There is a lot less wear and tear on the engine and starter by slowing and stopping the car with a break as opposed to turning it on and off. It also requires a lot less energy to get the car going again. The same goes for an HVAC system. The less energy that is used, the less your electric bill. Now, while you will see a drop in your electric usage, don’t let anyone tell you that the savings will pay for the system in 5 years. That’s simply not true.

2. The Solution For Optimal Comfort

The better the technology, the better the comfort. If you’re not sure exactly what types of technology are available for your compressor, take a look at our recent blog. In a nutshell, the technology has the ability to control the speed of the motor in very small increments. Having the ability to make smaller adjustments allows for longer and quieter run times. You can compare this to the cruise control on a car. You set the speed and the car makes adjustments to maintain that speed without loud or quick acceleration, making the ride much smoother and enjoyable. Additionally, because the unit runs slower for a longer period of time and there are fewer swings in temperature, the humidity is better regulated in the home providing even more comfort.

3. Not noisy

When you’re outside weeding your flower beds or sitting on the patio talking with friends, have you noticed how noisy your outdoor unit is? You always hear it kick on and off. Sometimes these units have to be in places that are next to the area we gather with friends and family and let’s face it, it’s annoying to have to talk over the noise.

Additionally, have you ever been in your office listening to a podcast or just lounging in the living room watching TV and had to turn up the volume to overcome the noise of your unit? While this is more common with window air conditioning units, it’s not non-existent with central air and heat. There is still some degree of noise at times, especially if the room you’re in is close to the unit.

Overall, the goal of this technology is to primarily to make you and your family as comfortable as possible. They are the luxury type of HVAC units. If you’re a person who prioritizes comfort over costs, you may want to consider buying one. If you’re looking for an honest and experienced company to talk with about getting one, give us a call at 301-401-2780 or visit us at ravefordaves.com.

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