Condition Your Cave!

condition man cave

Football season is finally here! For us in Maryland, that means cooler temps, less humidity and a reason to stay in our man caves! Whether your man cave is the room over the garage, a room in the basement or the extra room that no one likes to be in because it’s way too cold in the winter and way too hot in the summer, you’ve scored! You have a dedicated place for all of the things your wife won’t let you display in the house and a place for you to have fun with the guys or even pout when your favorite team is losing. No matter where your man cave is, you know that comfort is key for you and your guests. Therefore, we’d like to share some tips with you on keeping the temperature controlled so you can be as comfortable as possible because let’s face it – when living in Frederick, MD you can have sweltering heat and freezing temps all in one season. 

  1. Keep the air moving. Nothing screams sweaty guys more than football. Let’s not allow that to be the case in your man cave! Electronics create heat so that 60-inch flatscreen TV that you have is going to warm it up a bit. Plus, you’re going to have a whole bunch of guys jumping around and cheering so things could really get heated in there and not just for those rooting for opposing teams. Having a fan is a great way to keep that air moving so that you don’t get too hot. Let’s be honest, when people get hot, they get cranky and you don’t want cranky and uncomfortable guests. 
  2. Get a dehumidifier. If your man cave is in the basement, dampness is inevitable. A humidifier will help remove the dampness in the air. Doing so will not only help with comfort but it will also help protect your sports memorabilia as dampness can often warp cards and make preserving items a challenge. 
  3. Consider a ductless unit. Ductless units, also called ductless heat pumps and mini-splits, use heat pump technology to distribute the air in one room. They are typically used in spaces that have poorly regulated temperatures or that are in an unfinished space and therefore don’t have ductwork. They are also really good for supplementing baseboard heat and can really help decrease your electric bill. A great thing about using them for your man cave is that they control the temperature for that room and that room only. So when it’s game time, you can cool the room more and it won’t impact the other rooms in the house. They are also quiet so they won’t interrupt your game.

Some things you may want to stay away from are space heaters and portable air conditioners. Both of these can be energy suckers and space heaters are especially prone to fires. We want you to be as safe as possible and using the most efficient options to make your man cave comfortable. If you’d like a free estimate, contact our heating services at 301.401.2780 or schedule an appointment on our website

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