4 Ways to Reduce Home Allergens

Do you suffer from allergies? If so, you’re not alone. Most people in 2020 suffer from allergies and the sad thing is that home allergen plays a major part in how allergies affect us daily.

The good news is that there are several ways that anyone can reduce home allergies especially when they follow these tips.

Clean Bedrooms Often To Reduce Allergen Reactions

One of the best ways to eliminate allergens from your home is to clean the bedrooms in your home regularly. This tip is important because everyone spends up to 8 hours or more per day in the bedroom so it’s best to keep it clean because dust mites prefer bedrooms over any other room in a home.

Bedrooms should be vacuumed or mopped weekly, dusted, and bedding should be changed.

Monthly, the bedrooms in your home should be deep cleaned, curtains should be washed and pillows, stuffed animals or other accessories that you have in the bedrooms of your home should be cleaned as well.

Search for Mold in Your Home every month

Living in Frederick during the winter and spring means that we have to use our furnaces often. This, of course, means that the inside of our homes is nice and warm but it can also cause mold to grow.

Most people only start thinking about mold when it’s too late. Don’t let this happen to you. Start devoting at least one hour each month to search for mold in your home and eliminate it before unseen mold turns into a bigger problem.

When should you search for mold? Try investigating basement walls, windows, bathrooms, plumbing fixtures, and front-loading dishwashers.

Ditch Old Carpeting

Does your home have carpeting that’s been in the home for more than 10 years? If so, it’s time to get rid of that carpeting ASAP because old carpeting is also a favorite hiding spot for dust mites and it’s been proven that most dust mites can live in carpeting even after vacuuming so it’s best to get rid of the old carpet when you can.

Check the Humidity Level In your Home

As we mentioned above in this article, it’s not uncommon for most Frederick residents to use their heaters often during the winter and this also can create high levels of humidity in a home.

Sadly, humidity can also lead to mold growth so another way to eliminate allergens in your home is to check the humidity in your home often.

The EPA suggests keeping humidity levels close to 60 percent during the summer and 40 percent during the winter.

You can also buy a dehumidifier to help with eliminating humidity levels in your home as well.

Contact Dave’s Heating and Cooling

Regular HVAC maintenance is also a great way to eliminate allergens in a home. To schedule HVAC maintenance contact Dave’s Heating and Cooling today by clicking here.

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