6 Ways to Love Your HVAC System All Year Long

love your hvac system

You may have heard of the song Mind Games by John Lennon where he starts the chorus with “Love is the answer and you know that for sure.” Well, we believe that love is the answer for a lot of things, including your HVAC system. We also believe that February isn’t the only time of the year when it should be. In order to get the longest lifespan from your HVAC system, you have to show it love all of the months of the year. Here are some ways you can:

  1. Keep things from around it. This applies for indoors and outdoors. In a recent blog, we shared some tips on keeping your decorations away and vacuuming thoroughly to ensure your safety and to keep things from getting in your unit. Some things you can do outside at different times of year are to make sure that your outdoor unit is clear from grass/weeds, leaves and snow.
  2. Keep the filter clean. You should be changing your filter every month, and more often if your filter is smaller or not great quality. You can check with your local HVAC professional to see when you should change yours and what type of filter is best for your unit.
  3. If you have an oil tank, keep oil in it. This may sound self-explanatory but it’s not really. Many people think that the oil is used from the bottom of the tank and therefore can be used to the very last bit. That isn’t the case as oil tanks have a hose in the bottom in which the oil goes through to be used. Since the hose doesn’t reach the bottom of the tank, sludge can build up as the oil sits there while not being used. If you keep oil in the tank and above the end of that hose, you are less likely to get sludge.
  4. Use an additive if you have sludge in your oil tank. If you have let sludge build-up in your tank, call your local oil company and have them recommend an additive that will help mix that sludge up and turn it back into oil. The additive will also keep the oil lines from freezing in extremely cold weather.
  5. Clean your air ducts. Cleaning your air ducts is a good thing to do for two main reasons. One, it keeps your family from getting sick more often by improving the indoor air quality. Two, it keeps your HVAC system running more efficiently.
  6. Get your HVAC system maintained regularly. In addition to cleaning your ducts and changing your filters, it’s also good to get your system maintained. This will ensure that you are proactive about any issues that may be on the horizon and that you are keeping the system running at peak performance.

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