Common HVAC Myths And Facts!

As a longtime Frederick County HVAC contractor, we hear of a wide variety of HVAC myths every single year.

Sadly, these myths cost homeowners a lot of time and money because many homeowners will believe the myth and neglect getting their HVAC system checked out when they should go with their best instincts to take care of their HVAC system the minute they spot a problem.

In this article, we will discuss, some of the most common HVAC related myths so that we can potentially save you the time, money, and hassle of making an HVAC related mistake when you don’t have to.

Myth #1 – You Should Only Change Your HVAC Air Filter Once A Year

One of the most shocking HVAC related myths that we hear quite frequently is that an HVAC air filter should only be changed once a year.

This is a horrible myth because an HVAC air filter should be viewed no differently than the lungs in your body. If your lungs are dealing with health issues and you’re unable to breathe, the same is true with your HVAC air filter.

When it becomes obstructed with dust, dirt, debris, or anything else from inside your home, those obstructions also make it more difficult for your HVAC unit to function normally. This is why you should change your HVAC air filter at least three times during the year if you want to have confidence that your unit will be able to function normally.

HVAC Myth #2 – Bigger Is Better

Although you may have purchased a bigger vehicle in the past because you thought bigger was better, the opposite is true when it comes to an HVAC unit.

Just because it’s a bigger unit doesn’t mean that it’s going to heat or cool your home or commercial space efficiently.

For best results with choosing an HVAC unit, you should contact an HVAC professional immediately who will measure your home or commercial space then determine what is the best possible unit for the space that you have.

HVAC Myth #3 – If It’s Working, Why Do I Need Regular Maintenance?

Last of all, the most important, another well-known HVAC related myth that we’ve heard many times in the past is if an HVAC unit is working, why should you schedule regular maintenance checkups?

The main reason why you want to schedule regular maintenance checkups is because keeping your HVAC unit in good condition will give you confidence that it’s going to perform and function normally when you need it to work. Especially during those cold winter days or hot summer months.

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