Coronavirus 2020 – Learn More About What People Have Been Doing During Lockdown

There’s no doubt that Coronavirus has changed our lives over the last two months because most people have had to stay during the quarantine.

As we get closer to more lockdowns and stay at home orders being lifted nationwide, it’s time to take a look back at what most people have been doing during the last two months.

Staying Connected

The number one thing that most people in Frederick County, and around the world, have been doing during the Coronavirus lockdown is staying connected over the Internet.

Thanks to a wide variety of online tools like instant messaging, video chat, and Zoom, families, and friends have been able to stay connected with each other and beat the feeling of isolation which can come from being stuck at home.

Learning During The Coronavirus Lockdown

Besides using the Internet to stay connected, another common thing that people are doing to stay busy during the lockdown is learning.

From YouTube, to Audible, the Internet offers a wide variety of websites for anyone to learn a new skill, continue their education, or enhance their knowledge on subjects that interest them.

Since schools have been closed, parents have also been homeschooling their children in the effort to keep their minds active during the lockdown and to help them retain what they learned during the school year.


Staying fit is also high on the list of things that most people have been doing to stay active during the Coronavirus lockdown and the Internet has also proven to be a useful tool that’s helped people stay motivated and fit while at home.

Using tools like Zoom, anyone can take a live meditation or yoga class from home and not miss us on that same one on one instruction that they would normally receive in a gym or studio.


Besides learning, exercising, and staying connected, another common thing that people have been doing during the lockdown in Frederick County is creating.

Painting, drawing, crafting, sewing, and DIY home renovation projects are some of the most common things that people have been creating while they are at home to avoid boredom and enjoy their time during isolation.

Will people miss the stay at home order? Even though most people will say no, the reality is that we will all remember the connection that we’ve had with our families and each other during the last two months and these memories will last a lifetime.

What are some of the things that you’ve been doing during a lockdown? Feel free to leave us a comment on this post!

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