How Have Frederick County Residents Been Staying Busy During The Lockdown?




Almost everyone in the Frederick County area has had one thing in common over the last two months, they’ve been staying home due to Coronavirus.

The big question is, what have people been doing while they’ve been staying home? This article will answer this question and provide you with some insight into how people are staying active even during Coronavirus.


One of the first things that most people have been doing while staying at home during coronavirus is home-schooling their children. This has been a necessity because schools in the area have been closed down so the average parent who has school-age children has had to take it upon themselves to start home schooling their child while we wait for the local schools to open back up.

Arts and crafts

Another common thing that most Frederick County residents have been doing during coronavirus is creating more arts and crafts. Thankfully, there are a wide variety of arts and crafts project ideas that are available on the internet so anybody can stay creative while they are at home.

Taking care of bill’s, paperwork, and filing

The next thing that most people who have been sheltering in place during Coronavirus have been doing is taking care of filing bills, paperwork, and other things on their to-do list that they’ve been putting off before coronavirus.

Besides taking care of little tasks around the home, other residents in the area that homeowners have been focusing on include improving their homes by painting inside, adding new flooring, decluttering, and getting their homes ready for the summer months.

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