Emergency AC Repairs Can Impact Your Business

Emergency AC RepairAs business owners, we all try to make our environments the most comfortable for our guests. Unfortunately, there can be emergency AC repairs that can prevent this from happening and that impact our bottom line. Let’s take a restaurant owner for example. Restaurant owners have no doubt invested quite a large amount of money into making the atmosphere of their dining room pleasant and inviting for their guests. They spend thousands of dollars on getting the right decor, using the right colors, etc. Often times, they don’t think ahead and give the proper attention to keeping their air conditioning system maintenance which is a huge part of customer comfort. So, in the middle of a heat wave, their dining room ends up feeling like a sauna and they end up losing more than the customers who got to experience it for themselves. In the age of social media, those people will spread the word far and wide, and the business will suffer as a result of bad Facebook reviews, to say the least.

Now, what if we told you that a regular maintenance program would help prevent such situations for any business, as well as, keep you in compliance with the local business regulations through OSHA regarding indoor air quality and HVAC systems? The air in your business must be kept free of pollutants so that the employees and/or customers don’t fall ill from breathing in unhealthy air and an HVAC system makes this happen. Having a commercial HVAC maintenance plan means that a technician will regularly inspect the system. Therefore, ensuring everything is functioning properly and your business or occupants aren’t affected negatively. Thus, taking care of any problems right away. 

Other things to consider

Having a maintenance program in place help keep the emergency services to a minimum, it will also help to:

  1.  Improve efficiency

It’s always a good idea to save energy and conserve on electric bills. Servicing the system on a regular basis will reduce energy consumption and increase system efficiency. You won’t have to worry about the system working overtime to keep your building cool.

2.  Fewer repairs

A regular maintenance program is sure to bring about fewer emergency AC repairs. The technician is more likely to find an issue before it becomes fatal to the system, during annual servicing.

3.  Maintain the warranty

Upon the installation of an HVAC system, the warranty requires a regular maintenance program. If you fail to service the system within the parameters of the warranty, it is void. Keeping good records and using a reputable company ensures that your warranty will remain in good standing with the manufacturer.

At Dave’s Cooling & Heating, we are proud to offer commercial maintenance plans to help improve your bottom line.  To learn more about the benefits of an A/C maintenance plan, contact our office and speak with our commercial specialist today.

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