Six Signs You May Need A/C Repair

Common AC Problems

Does my AC need professional repair?

Summer is here and there’s nothing like a hot sunny day on the east coast to kick back, relax and enjoy the sun. It’s also great to walk into a refreshingly cool house after spending all day in the sun and if your A/C isn’t working properly it can be extremely uncomfortable and frustrating. What if you could anticipate trouble with your A/C and get ahead of it? Of course, no plan is foolproof, but we can give you the most common tell-tale signs that something is amiss with your A/C and you should call your technician.

How to Know When To Repair AC

1. Your thermostat temperature is high

Unless it is an extremely hot day, your air conditioner should be able to keep the temperature of the house within a couple of degrees of where your thermostat is set. If your home temperature is warmer than your setting, the air conditioning should be running. If it is not running or it is blowing warm air, you may have a problem that requires some repair.

2. There’s added humidity

If you notice condensation on the interior of your windows or wet stains on your ceilings or walls, there is a higher than normal amount of humidity in your home. High humidity could mean you are having issues and may need A/C repair. The high humidity level is not healthy and can be a breeding ground for mold and illnesses, according to Energy Smart Home Performance.

3. You have higher electric bills  

Naturally, your electric bill will rise when the A/C season begins. However, if you see an unusually large increase in your electric bill, it could mean you need A/C service because your unit is running too much and working too hard to maintain the temperature in the house. If you aren’t sure what a “normal” summer electric bill is for your house, you can ask the power company to give you an average of the bills from prior summers.

4. Your circuit breakers trips

An air conditioner will trip a breaker if it is overheating. When an air conditioner is overheating, it draws more amperage from the circuit and it could be more than the breaker can handle. Call your technician straight away to find the cause of your overheating air conditioner.

5. There are strange sounds

Strange noises can mean a multitude of things, especially in today’s age of whisper quiet technology. Pay close attention to any humming, buzzing or rattling that your A/C unit is making as it could be a sign that your unit needs a repair or upgrade.

6. There’s excess dust

Excessive dust could mean you have leaks in your ducts. Leaky ducts mean that dust can get sucked in and then distributed throughout the house leaving the fine particles of dust everywhere.

Paying attention to the signs your unit is sending is important in determining if you need home A/C repair. So, if you are experiencing any of these signs, you don’t want to put off calling for service. As we state in our blog 4 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wait for A/C Servicing, it could end up costing you. Save yourself on time and money and call our office today to schedule your A./C servicing.

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