3 Tips for Getting Your HVAC System Ready for Fall

Fall is officially just 10 days away and with the cooler temperatures in Frederick County it’s possible that many people will be using their air conditioners during the day and heaters at night. This is why it’s important that everyone gets their HVAC system ready for fall by following these tips.

Get HVAC ready for fall

Tip #1 – Check Your HVAC Air Filters

When was the last time that you checked the air filters for your furnace and air conditioner? If it’s been more than 90 days you should check those filters because dirty filters can cause problems for your HVAV system.

What problems can dirty filters cause? Primarily, dirty filters can cause your system to heat or cool your home or office inefficiently. Your system may also have to stay on longer to get the job done, or it may not be able to function at all, so it’s best to check and even change those filters regularly if you want to have confidence that your system is functioning normally.

Fall HVAC maintenance tips

Tip #2 – Check Your Home for Air Leaks

It doesn’t matter if you live in a newer or older home, air leaks can happen to any home because as time goes by seals around doors and windows break down and enable air to escape from the home. This is why you should check your home for air leaks and reseal those doors and windows with new caulking and or rubber seals.

Besides checking doors and windows, you should also have your ductwork checked for leaks as well. This is something that Dave’s Cooling & Heating team can assist you with. Our technician will come out to your house and check your ductwork for leaks then seal up any of your ducts that may have holes or gaps in them.


Tip #3 – Clean Up Your Outside Unit

Last of all, but most important, another important thing you should do to get your HVAC system ready for the fall is to clean up your outside unit.

If it’s been a while since you’ve paid attention to your outside unit, you should remove any grass or debris that may be growing around the it then insect to confirm if there is any dirt, dust, or debris inside your outside unit that may need to be cleaned out by a technician.

HVAC maintenance

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