How a ductless mini split system will save you money

Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Mini Split Installation for client in Frederick, MD by Dave's Cooling and Heating

You’ve most likely heard that ductless mini split systems save you money. 

This is important because energy costs are rising for a variety of reasons and inflation is wreaking havoc on the cost of everyday goods. Therefore you might want to invest in something that will save you money rather than drain your wallet even more. 

We wanted to go over a few reasons how ductless AC’s can save you more money if you choose to get a new mini split system. 

Cheaper to Install 

Ductless Mini Splits can be much cheaper to install due to two primary reasons. 

For one, they do not require ductwork which can add quite a bit to the installation cost if you do not have existing ductwork. 

Second, ductless systems can transition between heating and cooling because they are heat pumps and can operate in either direction. This means that instead  of paying for two separate installations, you just need to pay for one.

Lower Energy Loss

Did you know typical central HVAC systems that rely on ductwork can lose up to 30 percent of the energy the system is pushing through your home?

No matter how effectively a central furnace and air conditioner can adjust the air’s temperature, some of that hot or cold air is lost when the air travels through ducts when being pushed throughout the home. 

Since there are no ducts for heat gain or loss, ductless systems don’t have this efficiency-robbing issue. Instead, they use refrigerant lines which experience a much lower energy loss. 

In other words, a traditional system needs to use much more energy to send the same amount of hot or cool air to a particular area of your home…thereby costing much more. 

More Efficient Air Handler 

The air handler in a central HVAC system needs a lot more energy to work than in a ductless system. 

In a traditional system, the air handler needs sufficient power to force air through the entire ventilation system and into every room of the house. Since ductless systems only need to reach a small area, the mini split air handlers are much smaller. 

They need much less energy to operate which ends up saving you more money!

Zoned Cooling and Heating 

You have no control over which rooms are heated or cooled unless your central HVAC system is specially equipped with zone control dampers and a variable speed fan. 

Every vent in your home receives heat or cold air when the system is turned on…using much more energy than you need!

By nature, Mitsubishi Electric ductless systems have zoning already built into them. Only rooms or zones in your home that require cooling and heating need to be turned on. 

When only a small area in your home is being used, why pay to heat or cool the whole place?

No more air duct maintenance, cleaning, or repair

Ductworks always end up needing maintenance. Air Ducts need to be regularly cleaned to ensure that your HVAC system does not need to work harder than it has to. 

Air ducts also get damaged with holes and leaks that must be repaired in order to keep your system energy efficient as possible. Otherwise, they will lose even more air than the ducts typically do. 

If your HVAC system does not need to rely on air ducts…such as ductless mini splits, you’ll never need to pay for these problems! Leaving you more money for other fun things. 

Why You Should Go Ductless Now Rather than Later

Not every home is a good fit for ductless HVAC systems. For example, if you already have ducting, it might be better to go with a high efficiency central air conditioner. 

Nevertheless, ductless systems can be great as an additional cooling option in troublesome rooms, house expansions, converted garages, and even new construction homes. 

You can call Dave’s Cooling and Heating and we can help you figure out the right solution for your home. 

But if you’re thinking about going might be better sooner than later as inflation is also having an effect on costs of the system (it’s going up) and availability (it’s going down). 

Get a Mitsubishi Electric Ductless Mini Split Quote  

It would be wise to choose Dave’s Cooling and Heating as your ductless mini split installation company in Frederick, MD.

We’re a Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Contractor meaning our HVAC techs are factory trained and certified for all Mitsubishi Electric products.

For you, that means the best installation possible. A better installation means a better outcome for your home’s comfort and your wallet.

Incorrect mini split installations more likely lead to energy bill increases and also lower the lifespan of your new system.

And the best part about going with Dave’s? You get a 12 year warranty on the system vs the normal 7 years if you had someone else do the installation.



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