The Best Cafes in Frederick, MD

Neapolitan Style Pizza in Frederick

We wanted to share with you some of the best cafes in Frederick, MD. 

The other day, Frederick was voted as the number 17 best place to live in the USA by Livability

It’s no surprise to us as we also think Frederick is the best place to live. Not only because it has the best hvac company but because it has so much to do that adds to the quality of life here. 

Over the past several months, we’ve shown you some of our favorite place for hikes in Frederick, the best pizza in Frederick, and the best restaurants in downtown Frederick for example. 

As with other articles, we could not pick an absolute favorite…each place has its own unique character so we made a list! 

Each place has something unique to offer besides a great cafe atmosphere. With some known more for their coffee and others for their food selection. 

We love cafes because they offer a relaxed atmosphere where you can get some coffee or other refreshments with food – for a morning coffee, mid-afternoon snack or a place to work with wifi. 

And these cafes are one of the reasons what makes Frederick so great and such a livable city. 

Frederick’s Best Cafes for Coffee

Frederick is known for its craft breweries but did you know it had its own coffee roasters? We could not pick just two spots for this as there are two that are quite exceptional!

Dublin Coffee Roasters

Serina Roy started Dublin Coffee Roasters to bring small batch, freshly roasted coffee where the taste is second to none. 

Raw coffee beans are sourced from small farms in countries such as Columbia, India, Ecuador, Vietnam, Brazil, Honduras, and Guatemala. 

They roast over 80 varieties and blends right in the back of their cafe. 

Dublin Coffee Roasters is a great meeting place to catch up with a friend or have a business meeting. They also have very fast wi-fi so if you’re looking for a place to get some work done…this might be it!


Gravel and Grind 

Gravel and Grind has a very unique concept born out of the love of community, coffee, and bicycles by the owners. 

While they do not roast their own coffee, this cafe is another exceptional coffee spot in Frederick. 

They do, however, get their coffee from ChocoSombra, another direct trade coffee roaster in Frederick. 

Being serious coffee nuts, these guys also have guest roasters from time to time. 

And having had quite good coffee all over the world – I have to say these folks know what they’re doing. 

Like Dublin, the coffee is so good you rarely ever need to add sugar. 

The coffee shop is located in a converted mechanic shop and sits alongside their selection of bikes.

Gravel and Grind is not just a coffee shop but also a bike shop! They have bikes for sale and rent from Brooklyn Bikes alongside other small, artisanal manufacturers. You can get your bike fixed there too. 

The cafe / shop is absolutely gorgeous and a treat to visit!


Best Cafe for Coffee and Donuts 

Glory Doughnuts 

Everyone knows that sometimes what goes best with coffee is a donut!

Luckily Frederick has one of its own donut shops and the donuts taste absolutely great. 

Glory Doughnuts offers vegan donuts in a variety of flavors – but do not let the vegan part scare you! 

These donuts taste just as good as the non – vegan ones you are used to eating if not much, much better. 

Baked fresh every morning, these tend to sell out daily!

Glory Doughnuts also offers vegan breakfast and is a great option for a breakfast cafe. 


Best Cafe for Pastries 


Bakehouse is a French inspired pastry cafe that opened in downtown Frederick over the pandemic. 

We have not seen many cafes or bakeries churning out pastries this good even in larger cities such as Washington D.C. or New York City. 

This place is only open from Thursday to Sunday – starting at 8 am. They close at 2 pm but often sell out of most things before then! Oftentimes, you see quite a long line in the mornings. So we would recommend getting there early!

They have quite a variety of croissants, pastries, and morning sweet buns among other things. Usually they have over 5-6 different types of croissants with a few weekly specials included. 

The croissants are flaky and buttery just like they are in Paris. 


Best All Around Cafe

Cafe Nola

The above options each have something unique about them – but what if you wanted an option for the best all around cafe? Cafe Nola might be your best bet…

Cafe Nola is usually open from 8 am to quite late. It’s not only a cafe that serves coffee and other refreshments but also a breakfast, lunch and dinner cafe with a full bar. 

They have quite an expansive menu with even some vegan options – which makes this a great choice for a large crowd or when taking others. 

They even have pastries and donuts from other local shops such as Glory Donuts which we mentioned above. 

Free Wi-Fi also helps when you need a place to work all day. 


What else makes Frederick the Best Place to Live?

Besides having the best AC company in Frederick at your disposal…what makes Frederick such a great place to live for you?

Stay tuned to our blog to learn more about the best places to eat and see in Frederick. And let us know in the comments what your favorite places are!

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