Things to Consider for Your Furnace Installation

Furnace Installation TipsWhen you have a furnace installed, be aware of these things. We’ll start from the beginning of the installation process and walk you through to completion highlighting each item to consider.

Initial Contractor Contact

The person coming to your door should be in a visibly labeled vehicle, have a business card or company identification ready and available. Your technician should be able to show their license and certifications. Angie’s List gives us a list of what to expect when talking certifications. The Better Business Bureau is a helpful website to visit when looking for customer reviews and the peace of mind of using an accredited HVAC company.


Many older homes that we see have larger units in them. The school of thought used to be the bigger the better. We now know this not to be true. When preparing for a furnace installation, a load calculation will be performed to ensure that the properly sized unit is installed. A load calculation is based on square footage with computations added for insulation, windows, number of occupants etc. This is a very important step and if your contractor doesn’t start here, chances are they are not helping you make an informed decision about what your home needs to run most efficiently.

During the installation

The installation technician should be testing along the way for correct airflow, static pressures and other things that can cause a breakdown. Measuring for proper sizing allows for optimal operation of the ductwork and returns. Additionally, a new thermostat may be part of a new furnace installation, if an updated one is required with the new system.

While the system itself is important, it’s not nearly as important as having the proper installation. After all, you want your cooled and heated air to be in the home, not in the unconditioned space.

After the furnace installation

A good maintenance program is essential after a new install. This is a way to keep an eye on the function and performance of your new unit. Additionally, it protects your warranty. Please see our blog on The Benefits of Regular Heat Pump Service for more information. A regular maintenance routine is essential to keeping your new system running properly and at its most efficient.

We recommend a consult with one of our certified and experienced technicians. Please contact our office to schedule your appointment today.

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