Ways to Lower Humidity In Your Home

indoor humidity

As the years continue to go by it seems that Maryland gets more and more humid. Humidity comes from water vapor in the air. When we notice that it’s humid in our house it’s typically because it feels really sticky.  We have foggy windows, there’s a mildew smell or we even have visible mold. Too much humidity is not good so we have some suggested ways that you can lower the humidity in your home so that it is more comfortable and doesn’t turn into a breeding ground for mold.

  1. Add a whole-house dehumidifier. These systems are designed to remove the moisture out of the air in your home. The dehumidifier would attach to your unit and filter the air, removing the water particles, before the air gets put back into your home. If you don’t want to get a whole-house dehumidifier, something is better than nothing so you may want to opt for a portable dehumidifier to put in your basement or other more moist areas.
  2. Get a system with inverter technology. Inverter technology is one of the latest HVAC improvements. Inverters are used to control the speed of the compressor motor so that the temperature is continuously regulated. This helps the unit be more efficient. Homeowners with inverter technology tend to be happier because of this and some other reasons which you can see here.
  3. Close your doors and windows. You’d be amazed at how much air gets in and out of your house through the doors and windows. In June, when it’s often nice enough out that we can go without using the air conditioner, we tend to keep the AC off and open the doors and windows. The only problem is that it is still humid out and before we know it, our house has 65% humidity and it’s sticky and unpleasant. Even if we don’t leave the windows and doors open, the air can still get in and out, especially if they aren’t locked. Locking them seals them better. If you have an older house, you may want to consider getting your windows and doors replaced if they are not sealed tight.

It’s important that you take removing the humidity in your home seriously as decreased humidity can directly impact your comfort, protect your home, help with your allergies and help with more efficient cooling.

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