Why Isn’t My Furnace Working?


One common thing that happens every year during the fall is someone will call us because they turned on their furnace and found that it didn’t turn on.

This happens for a variety of reasons especially since the average person who lives in Frederick County hasn’t turned their heater on in months, due to running their air conditioners, and with cooler weather on the way, they want to know what they can do to get their furnace working again.

If Your Furnace Is Not Starting Up

The first thing to do if your furnace isn’t starting up is to check your thermostat to make sure that it’s set to heat rather than cool.

If you have a gas unit, you should also verify that it’s turned on and you may want to check your circuit breaker to verify that you it’s set correctly.

After doing your due diligence to find a reason why your furnace isn’t working, you may want to also check the batteries in your thermostat because batteries can wear out and they may need to be replaced.

Also, since many newer systems are now designed to shut down if a filter is clogged, you should replace the filter immediately because this is a cost-effective and simple way to solve what could be the reason why your central heating isn’t working.

If It’s Blowing Cold Air

Let’s say that your system is starting up, but it’s blowing cold air, in this case, it may not be blowing warm air because your unit may have a failing ignitor, blocked fresh air intake, or a broken gas control value.

You may also find that your furnace is working but the blower is constantly running, your  is short cycling or it’s very noisy.

Contact Dave’s Cooling And Heating

Regardless of what your furnace is doing, our experienced team of HVAC professionals can get your furnace up and running again fast.

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