How Much Will It Cost To Repair Your Air Conditioner?

Maintaining an Air Conditioner

One of the first questions have that people ask before we start working for them is “how much will it cost?”. This is an important question to ask because most people live on a budge and want to know how much money they should allocate for their HVAC repair.

In this article, we will answer this question and provide you with insight into what you can expect from an HVAC repair company.

Breaking Down Air Conditioner Repair Costs


air conditioner repairOnce your HVAC contractor assesses your cooling system, he or she provides you with an air conditioning repair cost estimate for the fixes your system needs. This typically includes both parts and labor, unless otherwise stated.


Air conditioner repair costs vary based on the exact problem you face. The average air conditioning repair cost for homeowners in the United States is around $300. Below, see a breakdown of what you can expect to pay depending on what has malfunctioned within your system.

  • Flush condensate drain line: $75 to $250
  • Replace drip pan: $250 to $575
  • Replace condensate drain line: $20
  • Replace condensate drain pump: $240 to $450
  • Repair refrigerant leak: $200 to $1,500
  • Recharge refrigerant: $250 to $750
  • Replace condenser coil: $1,900 to $2,900
  • Replace compressor: $1,900
  • Repair fan motor: $200 to $650
  • Replace relays, breakers, or fuses: $75 to $290




We know these prices seem like a lot, but sometimes, professional repairs are the only way to restore your air conditioner’s function. But, it’s always a smart idea to perform some troubleshooting steps before you resign to pay air conditioning repair costs.


Many issues with an air conditioning system can be chalked up to simple errors, which are fixable by homeowners who don’t possess technical HVAC knowledge. Issues that stem from the system’s power source or air filter may be an easy fix.


Troubleshoot AC Power Source Issues


  • Start with your thermostat. Double check settings to ensure they are correct. Cool mode should be selected and the temperate should be set a few degrees under your home’s current temperature. Ensure hold or vacation modes are off.


  • Check your thermostat’s batteries. If hardwired, check your breaker box to ensure the breaker that powers the thermostat has not tripped.


  • Check the exterior on/off switches near your indoor air handler and outdoor condenser unit – make sure they are set on. The switches are usually located on the unit or on the wall nearby. Check your breaker panel again to see that power has not been cut to the equipment by a tripped breaker.


Troubleshoot AC Filter Issues

  • Check to ensure your filter is inserted into the filter cabinet in the correct direction. Check the airflow indicators that are printed on the filter’s frame. The filter should fit snugly within the compartment and be the correct size.
  • If your filter is dirty, replace it with a clean filter. If you have a washable model filter, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning and allow it to thoroughly dry before reinsertion.

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