Your 2019 Holiday Wish List

holiday wish list

Can you believe that there’s only a little over 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas? That means you better hurry and get all of your holiday shopping done! Have you given your loved ones your holiday wish list yet? Even if you have, we have a few items you may want to make sure are on that wish list!

  1. Inverter – If your unit doesn’t have an inverter, it’s lacking the most up-to-date technology, which is really important. Therefore, it cycles on and off not controlling the amount of energy it uses. When you have an inverter, you’ll find that your system is much more efficient and saves you on electric. You’ll also notice the overall comfort of your home is much better and that you can’t hear the unit. If you want to learn more, check out our blog 3 Reasons Customers with Inverters are Happier
  2. Air scrubber – Do you have kids? If you do, the air scrubber is for you. Air scrubber technology continually sends out oxidizers to attack harmful contaminants in your air and on the surfaces throughout your home. This means it helps prevent germs from spreading. To learn more about how an air scrubber can help you survive Fall and other seasonal sicknesses, take a look at our blog
  3. Humidifier – Are you tired of dry skin and a dry nose during the winter months? Adding a humidifier to your HVAC system is something you may want to consider. When you have a humidifier, it not only helps prevent dry skin it also makes the air feel warmer so you will be more comfortable and can set your heat to a lower setting. It’s just like the heat index in the summertime – the more humidity, the hotter it feels even though the temperature is the same. 
  4. Smart thermostat – Smart thermostats are very convenient and tech-savvy people love them! You can sync them with your Alexa and your lighting and security system so that everything works together. You can also access them from an app on your phone so you can change the temperature when you’re not at home. 
  5. Dave’s Cooling and Heating gift certificate – Last but not least, it’s always a good idea to have a gift certificate for Dave’s Cooling and Heating for your maintenance and repair needs. To get yours today, contact us

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