Tips for Avoiding Accidental Household Heating Fires

With winter fast approaching we’ve been seeing cooler weather during the day and at night in Frederick County. This also means the possibility of more Household Heating Fires.

The cooler weather also means that many homeowners will be using multiple heating sources to warm their homes during the winter months.

Sadly, with the increased use of a homes furnace, fireplace, space heaters, and other heat sources, the average homeowner increases their risk of having a household heating fire during the winter.

Thankfully, household heating fires are preventable, especially when you follow these tips.

Use Space Heaters Carefully To Prevent Household Heating Fires 

Thanks to statistics from the National Fire Protection Agency, we know that roughly 70% of Household Heating Fires are directly related to space heaters. This is why every homeowner should use space heaters carefully, especially if they want to prevent a house fire.

By using a space heater carefully, we mean that you should never leave a space heater turned on when you’re not in the room, replace space heaters that are older than 10 years old and check space heaters every 30 days to make sure that they are not covered in dust or pet hair.

Get Your Furnace Cleaned and Tuned Up

Has it been a while since you used your furnace? If so, it’s time to schedule a furnace cleaning and tune-up with Dave’s Cooling & Heating! We will get your furnace running perfectly, just in time for the cold winter months.

Don’t Forget to Get Your Fireplace and Chimney Professionally Cleaned

Last of all, if you plan on using your fireplace and chimney during the winter, you shouldn’t hesitate to get it professionally cleaned to avoid Household Heating Fires. This tip is important because cleaning the fireplace will help you to safely use it during the winter months.

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