Best of the Best in Frederick, MD

Downtown Frederick, MD

Over the past year, we at Dave’s Cooling and Heating have been writing about the best of the best places in Frederick, MD when it comes to food, culture, and other fun things to do. 

We thought it would be good to put a list together of all the best places in in town!

This city has seen a dramatic shift in the number of restaurants, cafes, bars, and other interesting businesses opening up. 

It was even voted as the number 17 place to live in the USA

It’s no surprise as we have a huge list of what makes this place great. 

Best Places for Food and Drink in Frederick


Frederick is home to quite a few pizza places but we wrote about two of our favorite places for pizza. They also happen to be the best in town for two entirely different reasons. 

Downtown Frederick Restaurant

Downtown has seen a revival over the years and there are many new restaurants and cafes. We talked about our favorite places in downtown Frederick. 


Need a quiet place to work or have a meeting with a colleague or client? Or maybe you’re a coffee snob – check out this list for the best cafes in Frederick, MD

Sandwich Shops

Frederick is also home to a number of great sandwich shops. You can find everything from BBQ sandwiches to a home-made traditional Italian sub. Check this list out for the best sandwich shops in Frederick. 


A number of craft breweries have been popping up in Frederick over the years. You can now count more than the number of fingers on both hands but we listed a few of what we think are the best. 

Best Parks in Frederick 

Gambrill State Park 

If you’re looking for hikes and nature, then Gambrill State Park might be the best bet. 

Sugarloaf Mountain 

Another state park right out of town that offers great hikes, vantage points, picnic spots, and even outdoor climbing. 

Best Activities in Frederick 

Hot Air Ballooning

This is a great way to get a bird’s eye view of the county, mountains and horizon. 

Petting Farm 

Looking for a fun activity that you can take the whole family and kids to? How about a petting farm with hayrides?

Rock Climbing 

If you’ve ever wanted to learn rock climbing, Frederick has some great places to learn and get started. 

Downtown Shopping 

Not only have a number of restaurants and cafes opened up over the years, but downtown has also been flooded with independent boutiques and shops that bring a fresh perspective to Frederick. Check out our list for our favorite shops. 

Visit a Hemp Farm 

Frederick is also home to one of Maryland’s largest independent CBD farms. They have a farm stay on site and grow organic hemp which they use in a variety of products you can buy on site.

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